The Truth About The Fur Industry

Trapping Trapping

The commercial fur industry wants the public to believe that traps are safe and humane. They are anything but. All traps are designed to hold an animal against their will: even if the animal isn’t injured by the closing action of the trap, he or she will be left in the trap for as long […]

Fur Farming Fur Farming

Using techniques forged by factory farmers, ‘fur farms’ are places where animals are kept and killed in order to produce fur pelts. Animals, including fox, mink, raccoon dogs, and rabbits are kept in tiny bare cages – often only large enough for them to turn around. These highly intelligent, sentient animals are prevented from fulfilling […]

Legislation Legislation

Federal In Canada there is no federal legislation governing the raising of animals on fur farms or the trapping of wild animals for fur. Though the Criminal Code of Canada technically covers fur-bearing animals, it is not preventative (in that it does not create minimum standards for the housing, care and handling of animals) and […]

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