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Millions of mink and fox suffer on inherently inhumane industrialized fur farms across Canada, and that is considered acceptable by the federal government, as no laws governing their fair treatment exists. But the farms do fail to meet the clear standards set out in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) 1999, and must be shut down until they reach full compliance.

The CEPA’s Guiding Principles include pollution prevention, an ecosystem approach, the precautionary principle, and science-based decision making; all of these can be seen as violated in various farms from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. As provincial governments have failed to make appropriate policy or enforce such policy relating to the environmental harm caused by Canada’s fur farms, the federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change must act, as is their duty under CEPA.

These farms cannot be allowed to continue under current and harmful (potentially irreversible) conditions. Click the image below to sign our petition now.


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The sheer proximity of mink farms in Nova Scotia to invaluable watersheds, lakes, and rivers, as well as the documented run-off and imprecise waste management practices seen across the country clearly provide the evidence under the precautionary principle, if not the pollution prevention tenets of the CEPA. Complaints made to the Nova Scotia government were in the past ignored. Even the extent of Aleutian disease outbreaks have not been studied appropriately – and the impact they could be having on wildlife in the regions around fur farms. Additionally, ongoing scientific review by non-government organizations indicate the severe environmental problems that can be traced to the fur industry.