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More than 100 million animals are killed each year around the world for their fur. In Canada, more than 3 million animals suffer a hideous spell for their fur.

In Canada, mink farms – an animalĀ that has a territory of 5 km2 in the wild – confine animals to one-foot-by-two-footed cages, huddled together, among hundreds or thousands of others animals. Foxes, intelligent and sociable animals, are also confined to small cages. Cannibalism, severe infections, fractured legs and internal bleeding are common on fur farms.

In nature, jaw traps and other body traps are commonly used to catch and hold animals until the trapper comes to kill and pick up the animal. During this wait, the animals are unable to protect themselves against bad weather, hunger, thirst and can hurt themselves while trying to break free. All of these practices are inherently inhumane. And you can stop them.